Web Portal Guide

How to use the Web Portal

A short guide on using the On-Demand Transit rider app for your web browser. The web portal is an alternative to the mobile applications – usable at home on any computer or mobile device.

Accessing the portal

The web portal is accessed via a link provided to you by your transit organization. Check your transit organization’s website or contact them to obtain the web address/URL.

Once you have the link – type it into any web browser on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Signing Up

  1. Select Sign Up

  2. Enter in your email, then create a password for your account

  3. Confirm your password

  4. Select Sign Up to receive a confirmation email

  5. Check the inbox of the email you entered, and select the confirmation link. You are now ready to log in

Logging In

  1. Enter your e-mail and password

  2. Press Login

Requesting a Ride

  1. Using the menu button on the left, and select New Ride.

  2. Select your service area, then choose your “From” and “To” locations, passenger count, and the time of your trip.

  3. To choose your “From” and “To” locations, select them from the map, then hover your mouse over the ‘star’ button towards the bottom right. You can select the ‘plus’ button that is revealed to lock in your choice. Alternatively, you can search for your stop or location.

image of new ride screen on the web portal

Monitoring your Ride

  1. A few hours before your trip is scheduled, your main screen will tell you that your vehicle is coming soon, and present you with an estimated time of arrival

  2. When your stop is the next stop on the vehicle’s route, you will get an “enroute” message

  3. As the vehicle arrives, your screen will change once more to display a boarding code. Your driver will board you manually or scan your barcode

Cancelling & Rebooking

  1. Select the Rides button from the menu. This page is a summary of all your previously booked rides

  2. Select the checkbox corresponding to the ride you want to cancel or book again to see your options

  3. Cancel or book the ride again

Favorite Rides

Use the favorite ride feature to save and quickly add common trips you take in your on-demand service.

  1. Navigate to the main menu and select Rides

  2. Find the ride you’re interested in, then tap the ride

  3. Select Favorite this ride, then enter a name for your favorite trip and press Save Ride

  4. To book your favorite ride, select the menu button, then select Favorite Rides. Click the ride in your list, then select Book Ride