Trider Guide

How to Delete your Rider Account Online

A short guide on using the On-Demand Transit web portal to delete your rider account.

Find your Transit Agency

  1. Each Transit Agency operating with Pantonium Technology has a unique web portal to create and track your rides, alongside our smartphone rider apps

  2. Visit your Transit Agency’s website to find the Rider web portal link.

Image of login page for agency trider website

Enter Credentials

In the screen above, enter your login credentials

  1. Enter your Email

  2. Enter your Password

  3. Click LOGIN

Navigate to your Profile Page

Navigate inside the web portal to your account details

  1. In the Top-left, click the three bars

  2. Select Profile

Image of steps to reach rider profile within web portal

Remove Account

  1. Click the garbage can icon in the Account Removal box to start account removal process

  2. Image control to press to choose to remove account

  3. In the confirmation box, type your password

  4. Press OK

  5. Image control confirm remove account

  6. Your Rider account has been removed from the Transit Agency’s site!

Confirm Removal

Attempt to login or reset password to confirm account no longer exists

  1. Type your account Email and password

  2. Press LOGIN

  3. Image control to attempt login

  4. You will see red message displaying: No such account