iPhone Guide

How to use the iPhone App

A short guide on using the On-Demand Transit rider app for iOS


  1. On your Apple device, visit the App Store

  2. Search for On Demand Transit Rider

  3. Download the app

You will need to enter your organization’s Transit Code to ensure you’re connecting
to the correct transit service.

  1. Visit your organizations website, or ask your organization for the code

  2. Enter the code

  1. Select the icon on the bottom right of the login screen, then select sign up

  2. Review the terms and conditions, then enter an e-mail, password, then press sign up

  3. Check your e-mail inbox, and select the confirmation link within the confirmation e-mail. You are now ready to log in

  1. Enter your e-mail and password

  2. Press the Login button

On the dashboard, press new ride. Enter the following:

  1. The number of people riding with you

  2. Your service area

  3. Your From and To stops

  4. The time of your ride. You can select ASAP, or a later date. You can even set the time as a pickup time or a drop off time, depending on the nature of your ride.

  5. Press Add Ride to confirm

After requesting a ride, you can monitor it in your app using the current screen.

  1. After requesting a ride, you will be assigned to a vehicle

  2. As your vehicle approaches, your screen will read Coming Soon and give you an ETA

  3. Once your vehicle arrives, the driver will either board you manually, or have you scan your barcode

You can cancel a ride at anytime, or re-book rides that were booked in the past.

  1. Navigate to the main menu and select Rides

  2. Find the ride your interested in, then swipe it to the left

For active rides, you’ll find a cancel option. For past rides, you’ll find re-book and hide options