Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the On-Demand Transit app and on-demand transit

In On-Demand Transit, vehicles respond to ride requests rather than following a fixed route. You can request a ride between any two transit stops in the service area, and a vehicle will be routed to you. As a rider, there are several ways you can make a ride request:

  • Through the Android or iOS mobile app
    • Search On Demand Transit: Rider App
  • Through your agency’s booking website
  • By calling into your agency’s request line
  • By boarding an ODT vehicle and requesting a walk-on ride

No! You can also use your transit agencies rider web portal. This web portal is accessible from any phone, computer, laptop, or tablet. Also, check with your agency to see if they offer phone booking, so you can book trips without using any of the above options.

When using the Rider App, the transit code tells the system which city you are traveling in. You only need to enter it the first time you log in. Ask your agency for the transit code to get started!

On iPhone and Android

  1. Tap the “Forgot password?” text below the Password field on the login screen.

  2. Enter your mail address and tap “Reset”

  3. Check your e-mail inbox and spam folder for a reset link.

On the Web Portal

  1. From the landing screen, press Login

  2. Press the icon at the bottom right of the login screen

  3. Press the forgot password icon

  4. Enter your e-mail, then check your e-mail for a link to reset your password

Yes. When booking a ride, indicate the amount of riders travelling with you. When boarding, only the person who booked the trip will be confirmed by the driver, who will see the count of your party. Your entire party can board!

Yes. You can book trips either “ASAP” (as soon as possible), or in advance.

When using the Rider App or online booking page, you can request a “Drop-off” trip. If you request a drop-off at 10am, the system will ensure that you arrive there before that time. To do this:

  1. Toggle the “ASAP” option off
  2. Switch from “Pick-up” to “Drop-off”
  3. Enter the time by which you want to arrive at your destination

If you are calling in to your agency, just mention that you would like a drop-off style trip!

This message means that your transit agency has restricted rides between the two stops that you selected for your trip. This is usually because there’s a bus route or other scheduled transit service that can be used to complete your trip rather than ODT – check with a trip planning service or your transit agency to determine what your options are.

Service Area restriction means that your agency has restricted rides between the two stops you selected. This typically means that your trip falls into a different service – (e.g. a fixed route bus) – and you should use that service to get to your destination.
Check with your agency to learn more.

You can book a ride for any time during your transit agency’s service hours. Check out the hours of your transit agency by using the calender item in the menu of the apps.

Because vehicles can run early or late, we keep the system flexible, to make sure you are assigned to the vehicle best suited to your trip request. For that reason, the vehicle you are assigned to is only confirmed a few minutes before your pickup time.If you are using the app, you will see a live GPS location of your vehicle once it is enroute to you.

A few hours before your trip is supposed to take place, your current/main screen will update on its own with a message that reads “Coming Soon” that displays an estimated time of arrival.

Yes. If your agency has wheelchair accessible vehicles, you will be able to choose which kind of seat you and your party require when requesting a ride.

These three options let you tell your transit agency how to schedule your trip.

When you request an ASAP trip, the system will try and schedule your pickup for as soon as possible – a vehicle will be sent to collect you as soon as it’s feasible to do so. Keep in mind that the busier the transit service is, the longer this might take. This is a great option if you’re not able to plan your travel ahead of time.

Choose the Pick Up option to specify when you’d like to be picked up. The service will try and pick you up as close as possible to the time you’ve requested, and will drop you off shortly afterwards. Keep in mind that there may be other trips on board your vehicle when you’re picked up, so depending on how busy the service is, your drop off time may vary.

Choose the Drop Off option to specify when you’d like to be dropped off, and the service will aim to get you to your destination at or before the time you requested. The service will schedule a pickup time for you that’s early enough to get you to your destination for the requested time, though the exact pickup time can vary based on how busy the service is. You can see an estimated pickup time for your trip in the On Demand Transit Rider App. This is a great option if you need to be somewhere (such as an appointment) at a specific time, but we recommend that only riders who have access to the app use it so that you can keep track of your estimated pickup time.

When you’re scheduling your trip, you can choose ASAP as an option to request a pickup as soon as possible. ASAP doesn’t mean instantly – when you choose this option, the service will try to pick you up within 15-45 minutes. This gives you time to get to your pickup location, and it gives your vehicle time to get there to collect you. Once your vehicle is on its way to pick you up, you can use our app to keep track of it and see a precise ETA at your pickup location. Check with your local transit agency for more information about how soon an ASAP request is.

This depends on the type of trip you request – remember, you can use the On Demand Transit Rider App to monitor your trip. Once your vehicle is on its way to pick you up, you can see realtime updates on where it is and when it’s scheduled to arrive and pick you up.

Pick Up Trips
Your vehicle will be scheduled to collect you within a brief window of time beginning at the time you requested – you’ll usually be picked up within 20-30 minutes of the time you’ve requested.

Drop Off Trips
Your vehicle will be scheduled to collect you in time to get you to your destination shortly before the time you requested. The time that you’ll be picked up will vary depending on how long your trip is and how busy the service is, but generally you should be ready to be collected for your trip an hour ahead of the time you’ve requested to be dropped off.

ASAP Trips
Your vehicle will be scheduled to collect you as soon as possible from the time that you requested the trip, usually within 15-45 minutes of you entering it, though this can vary based on your local transit service.

The key to On Demand Transit is flexibility – letting your local transit service move as many people as efficiently as possible. To do this, the service schedules requested trips based on a request window rather than a specific request time. This lets the bus handle multiple pickups and dropoffs requested around the same time and place in a single stop, rather than making many individual trips.

Because of this, your trip will be scheduled to be picked up or dropped in a window of time around the time that you requested. You can check with your local transit agency to learn more about how this works.

Generally speaking, if you request a pickup trip, you can expect the vehicle to collect you within 20-30 minutes of the time you requested.
A diagram showing the arrival window for Pick Up trip requests.

If you request a dropoff trip, you can expect to arrive at your destination within the 20-30 minutes leading up to the time you requested.
A diagram showing the arrival window for Drop Off trip requests.

It depends! An ODT service is public transit, and the more people using the system, the longer it can take to complete your trip. Depending on the other trips that your vehicle is handling, you may not travel directly from your pickup stop to your dropoff, and your driver may handle other trips before yours. This is completely normal! Using the OniDemand Transit Rider app, you can see the order of upcoming stops to keep track of where you’ll be going next.

Once you’re on board the vehicle, your dropoff is part of your vehicle’s schedule. Generally speaking, you can expect to be on board for less than 45 minutes, though this can vary from transit service to transit service. As always when using public transit, it’s better to plan a bit of wiggle room into your schedule when requesting your trip to account for unexpected delays like traffic and inclement weather.