Android Guide

How to use the Android App

A short guide on using the On-Demand Transit rider app for Android

Downloading the Mobile App

  1. On your Android device, visit the Play Store

  2. Search for On Demand Transit – Rider App

  3. Download the app

Image of Android Play Store download logo

Enter your Transit Code

You will need to enter your organization’s Transit Code to ensure you’re connecting
to the correct transit service.

  1. Visit your organization’s website, or ask your organization for the code

  2. The first time you open the app, you’ll see a popup message that prompts you to Add a Transit. Enter the transit code from step 1, then tap “Add Transit”.

Image of transit code field on mobile app

Signing Up

Sign up with your transit service to get started booking rides under your own account.

  1. Under the login button, tap the “Sign Up” text

  2. Review the terms and conditions

  3. Enter an e-mail and password, then press sign up

  4. Check your e-mail inbox, and select the confirmation link within the confirmation e-mail

Logging In

  1. Enter your e-mail and password

  2. Press the Login button

Requesting a Ride

On the main screen of the app, tap “Add rid”. Then, complete the following:

  1. Choose your service area

  2. Choose the time of your ride

  3. Choose your From and To locations

  4. Enter the number of people riding with you. The on-foot count is the number of ambulatory riders in your group, while the wheelchair count is the number of riders in your group who are wheelchair bound, or who use other mobility devices to travel.

  5. Tap “Add ride”

Monitoring your Ride

After requesting a ride, you can monitor it in your app using the current screen.

  1. After requesting a ride, you will be assigned to a vehicle.

  2. As your vehicle approaches, your screen will read Coming Soon and give you an ETA.

  3. Once your vehicle arrives, confirm your boarding with your driver

Screenshot image highlighting that the bus is coming soon on the mobile app

Cancelling & Rebooking

You can cancel a ride at anytime, or re-book rides that were booked in the past.

  1. Tap on the bus icon (second from the left) across the bottom of the screen to view your Rides

  2. Find the ride your interested in, then tap the Cancel Ride button

Favorite Rides

Use the favorite ride feature to save and quickly add common trips you take in your on-demand service.

  1. Tap on the bus icon (second from the left) across the bottom of the screen to view your Rides

  2. Find the ride you’re interested in, then tap the heart icon

  3. Give your favorite ride a name, then tap “Favourite This Ride”.

  4. To book your favorite ride, tap the heart icon across the bottom of the app. Find the favourite ride you’d like to book, then tap “Book Ride”.

  5. Review the details of the ride and adjust the time that you’d like to travel, if necessary. When you’re ready, tap “Add ride”.